Built-in Hobs

Flexibility in Induction Technology by Beko

Do not limit yourself with standard pans. Cook with any size and number of pans you like. Now, you are free to place pans, post or large cookware on flexible induction hobs of Beko. Thanks to this extended cooking surface, it is possible to use a variety of pots from very small to very large according to your needs. IndyFlex+™ and IndyFlex hobs not only provide flexibility but also contribute energy efficiency by heating the pots rather than the whole zone.

IndyFlex+™ Beko Hobs

New technology Beko IndyFlex+™ hobs give flexibility to use more space on expanded flexible cooking surface. 8 independent coils are governed by a sophisticated display to flexibly split and control each of them separately or you can link to control as if like a single zone.

Touch & Slide Control for Beko Hobs

Touch & Slide Control Beko hobs feature 19 different level for each cooking zone separately with Touch & Slide Control* which allows you to make the heat adjustments according to your needs. The timer allows you to set a cooking time for each cooking zone separately. Moreover, when the cooking time is up, the hob will automatically switch off the zone and a buzzer will signal the end of cooking.

* Touch & Slide Control feature is available with selected vitroceramic and induction hobs.

Stop & Go

Stop & Go function allows you to switch off all zones while they are working and you can switch them on just with a single touch with the same adjustments.

If you urgently need to leave home or your baby needs you or an old friend stops by , you can use the stop & go technology by switching off all the cooking zones and when you return to the kitchen you can continue your cooking with the same adjusted features.

Memory Function

Memory function allows you to save the cooking temperature for all cooking zones. Thanks to this feature you can store the saved cooking time of your favorite meals in order to enjoy your meals every time with the same taste.

Safety Features

In order to ensure your safety Beko Touch & Slide Control Hobs are equipped with safety features.

• When cooking zone is not cool enough to touch safely, the residual heat indicators warn you with a visible “H” on the display.

• The anti overflow system automatically shuts off the power in case of liquid boiling over the control panel.

• If the cooking zone is left on for a long period of time, the hob automatically switches itself off.

Warming Function

Warming mode allows you to keep food warm by a single touch.

Wipe Guard

Wipe Guard function allows you to lock the control settings when you want to wipe of food spilled on the hob when you are cooking. With a single touch, the settings are locked for 20 seconds, if the key lock is pressed for a short time.

Induction Cooking Technology

Safety, efficiency and cleanliness

This is the latest and most efficient cooking technology available. Induction hobs heat up only when there’s a pot on the vitroceramic surface, while the rest of it gets barely warm.

Inside the induction hob, there is a coil that creates a magnetic field. When the pot is placed on the induction zone, this magnetic field transfers heat directly to the cooking pan. There’s no flame or glowing hot surface. The only result is a rapid increase in food temperature that can be precisely regulated. This method of heating ensures minimum energy loss and maximum speed.

Safe Cooking

Beko induction hobs are built with extra safety features that enable you to cook with ease. There are no open flames and it’s only your pot that is heated up while cooking. If there’s no contact with a pot, or if a pot is left on the cooker for an unusually long period, the heating stops automatically. The smart heat control feature will limit maximum heat to 300 °C. Should any liquid spill over on the control panel, the cooker will automatically turn itself off. The small object safety feature ensures that the hob will not be activated by any other extraneous object - such as a tea spoon that might have accidentally been dropped on the hob

Quick & Easy Cleaning

Since the vitroceramic surface doesn’t heat up, spilt food won’t burn on the hob, which makes it easy to clean.

Efficient & Quick Cooking

The rapid heat induced by Induction hobs is distributed evenly and consistently to your pot. Compared to standard cookers, Beko induction hobs with power boost can reduce cooking time by up to 56% and energy consumption by 43%.

Vitroceramic Hobs: Touch Sensitive Control

Safety Features

For absolute safety, the touch control vitroceramic hobs are equipped with a number of advanced safety features:

• Residual heat indicators are easily visible. They indicate that the surface on an individual cooking zone is not yet cool enough to touch. The indicators turn off only when the surface temperature has dropped below 60 °C.

• The electronic child lock can be activated to lock the functions of your hob so as to prevent little fingers from accidentally activating it.

• The overflow liquid-sensitive control unit automatically shuts off the hob when food or water spills onto the touch control area.

• The automatic shut-off feature is activated when the cooking zones are on for an unusually long period of time.

Choosing Flexibility

Beko ceramic hobs are equipped with versatile cooking zones that offer the flexibility of choosing between single, double, triple, or extended operation levels according to the size of your pot. This means that whether you use a small or a big pot, you’re only using the amount of heat you need. Furthermore, the warming zone on selected models keeps food warm, tasty, and ready to serve without the risk of overcooking.

Easy to Clean
The smooth yet scratch-resistant glass surface not only enhances the beauty of your kitchen, but is extremely easy to clean as well.

19 different cooking levels

Touch & Slide control hobs feature 19 different cooking levels for each cooking zone and the temperature can be set individually for each zone with the touch of a finger. The set cooking level for each zone is digitally displayed on the control area. The working space on the hob is maximized thanks to the central front positioning of the touch-sensitive control area. Beko ceramic hobs turn cooking İnto a joyous experience, with various advanced features that include: a timer and buzzer, which enable you to program a separate cooking duration for each cooking zone.

Once the cooking time is over, the buzzer alarm is activated. You can deactivate the alarm by touching any key on the control panel. A booster function allows you to program each cooking zone to start at maximum power. When the food comes to a boil, the temperature continues in the set mood until the food is completely cooked.

Smart Programs for Dishes

Gas Hobs

The high-power 5kW wok burner cooks food rapidly, without reducing its nutritional value. Heat is more evenly distributed at the bottom of the pan, resulting in excellent cooking performance over a shorter period of time.

Cast Iron Pan Supports

Cast iron pan supports enhance the stylish and professional look of your hob, while also providing maximum stability, thereby enabling you to use pots and pans of any size without the risk of tilting or sliding.


If the flame is accidentally extinguished by wind or by overflowing liquid, the flame failure device automatically cuts off the gas supply to prevent any gas leakage.

Easy lock function for safety

Easy lock function enables safety with the feature of shutting down all cooking burners at the same time this fuction can be also used as a child lock.

Simple Ignition

Integrated into the knobs, electronic ignition provides easy and simple ignition for gas burners

Domino Hobs

The Domino range offers you the most enjoyable puzzle: Select the most functional combination among all elegantly designed options. Enjoy the freedom of choice and let your kitchen glitter with your taste.