Built-in Hoods

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Cooker Hoods

Beko cooker hoods offer an odour and grease-free environment, leaving your kitchen clean and fresh.

With a ventilation capacity as high as 755 m3/hour, selected Beko cooker hoods are powerful enough to refresh the air every two minutes in an average kitchen.*

* Calculated for a kitchen of size 10 m2.


Carbon Filters

Carbon filters for re-circulation come in very handy without the need of a chimney connection.

Halogen Illumination

Halogen hob illumination lights provide clear visibility while cooking.

Aluminum Cassette Filter

Aluminum cassette filters absorb any trace of grease and odour in the air. The filters are washable and very easy to clean.


An easy-to-use touch-sensitive control unit displays the set power level.

An auto air refreshment function activates the motor automatically for 10 minutes every hour at minimum speed, thus providing a continuous flow of fresh air circulation in the kitchen. The cooker hood works very efficiently on low energy consumption and low noise, and is also effective in eliminating tobacco odours. When activated, the time-controlled intensive extraction mode increases the extraction power to a maximum level. After 10 minutes, the extraction level of the hood reverts back automatically to the third level. This function is ideal for extracting the steam and intense smells from your kitchen, generated especially during frying or grilling.


Just press a Button

With the simple press of a button, you can program your hood to switch off automatically after 15 minutes while you are away.

The cooker hood extracts all traces of odour after an intense cooking session. The saturated filter indicator gives out a visual warning by blinking when it is time to clean the cassette filters or replace the charcoal filters.