From state-of-art large capacity side by side refrigerators to a simple under the counter fridge freezer, Beko refrigeration range has been developed to combine modern design with the latest technology. As we strive to facilitate your life and add an elegant touch to the mostly favored part of your home, the new collection offers great features as well as smart storage and cooling solutions. With a vast spectrum of models, sizes and colors to suit any kitchen style, you will be sure to find the perfect appliance from Beko.

Designed to suit any kitchen style with large choice of colours

Beko refrigerators and freezers combine functional inner space with their stunning outlook. These products stand out with their elegant design while exceeding their standard function of “preserving food” and offering multiple cooling solutions to improve your everyday life.

Be a part of a green future!

A+++ Energy Efficiency

The need to save energy and resources has never been more important than now. Beko with its enviromental vision provides products with A+++ and A++ energy ratings. An A+++ refrigerator consumes up to 64% less energy than an identical A product. Similarly, an A++ product consumes up to 40% less energy than an identical A product.

Let’s keep it fresh and crisp with NeoFrost Technology.

NeoFrost Technology

Thanks to its two separate cooling systems, Beko NeoFrost Technology keeps humidity at optimum level (up to 90%) in the cooler for longer freshness. Besides, the independent cooling systems, prevent odour transfer in between the compartments and keeps the quality of the air inside at maximum levels.

This new age no frost technology, NeoFrost achieves more stable and faster cooling both in the cooler and the freezer compartments at A+ energy efficiency level. Thus, fruits and vegetables stay crisp in the refrigerator, as if fresh from the field.

Keep the original nutritional value of your meat and fish.

ShockFreeze Compartment

We all care serving tasty and healthy food with high nutritional value to our beloved ones. Fresh fish and meat lose their nutritional value if they are not rapidly frozen.

Smart Beko refrigerators have ShockFreeze compartments where foods are frozen rapidly thus ensuring that their cell structures don’t deteriorate and their nutritional value and flavours remain intact.

ShockFreeze compartment reduces freezing time and forming of microcrystals in order to keep food molecules natural. It locks nutrition into the meat and fish instantly. This way they don’t lose their nutritional value while freezing and don’t lose their juice while thawing.

The bracing energy of blue light is in your crisper.

Fresh fruits and vegetables maintain their vitality for a while after harvest.

Thanks to Beko active fresh blue light technology the process of photosynthesis continues in the fridge which prolongs the storage life of fresh fruit and vegetables while maintaining their natural flavours and nutritional elements.

Grow beyond No-Frost with NeoFrost

Let’s keep it fresh and crisp!
When food loses more than 20% of its moisture it is no longer considered “fresh”. Two separate cooling systems in Beko NeoFrost refrigerators keeps humidity at optimum level (up to 90%) in the cooler for longer freshness.

NeoFrost Technology achieves more stable and faster cooling both in the cooler and the freezer compartments at A+ energy efficiency level.

Have some fresh air in the fridge!
Besides the independent cooling systems, which prevent odour transfer in between the compartments, the quality of the air inside the Beko refrigerators is maximized by a number of supportive technologies. Odour filter eliminates unwanted odour and bacteria in the cool air circulated inside. The ioniser creates an antibacterial effect, by neutralising bacteria, viruses and particles that cause effluvia.

Let’s make a fresh start!
Everyday is a new chance for a better world. We believe we can change the world for real. All we need is to make the right choices: Let’s reduce our carbon footprint or consume less for a greener future. Choose brands, which are sensitive to the environment. Eat fresh and stay healthy. Or choose a Beko, which does it all. And make a fresh start!

Think fresh. Eat fresh. Live fresh.
Now, we all know that we are just as healthy as what we eat. So, we care more about picking up fresh and healthy food. But the pace of our lives holds us from doing daily shopping. What we need is just some extra time for storage.

Beko buys us this extra time by keeping the food fresh for a longer period with NeoFrost Technology. It’s cool!

New age No-Frost: NeoFrost.
In standard refrigerators, a single cooling fan circulates the same air inside in both freezer and cooler compartments, which serves none of them right. Because humidity level of this single airflow in this case cannot be not high enough for the cooler or low enough for the freezer.

NeoFrost provides the best cooling conditions with separate cooling systems in two compartments. This way, fruits and vegetables stay crisp in the refrigerator, as if fresh from the field.

Eat fresh eat healthy with Beko Smart Refrigerators.

Technology for Cooling

Aktiver Ionisator

The Active Ioniser neutralises bacteria, viruses and particles that cause effluvia in the refrigerator, thus creating an antibacterial effect. The circulated air inside the refrigerator is kept clean as a result, and food can be stored for a longer period.

Active Odour Filter

This filters the circulated cool air inside the refrigerator and eliminates unwanted odours and bacteria to help keep the food inside fresh.

Active Seal Guard

Door seals are usually hard to clean and provide a suitable environment for the accumulation of bacteria. By means of the antibacterial additive in the door seals, such areas remain hygienic, and that the seal serves as an overall antibacterial

Anti-Bacterial Door Handles

With the help of a special anti-bacterial seal coated on the door handles, the most important contact points remains bacteria-free.

Smart Solutions for Cooling & Freezing

Technology for Cooling

Touch Control Electronic Display
The increasing use of touch control electronic displays through the product range not only makes them look sleeker but also allows easy access to the refrigerator controls.

Digital Controls

Easy-to-use electronic controls and a digital set temperature display ensures optimum control of your appliance.

Frost-Free System

Intended to eliminate the formation of ice on food and within the interior of the appliance, the Frost-Free System ensures that no defrosting is necessary. This system not only makes the refrigerator hassle-free and easy to use, but also maintains the right temperature for more effective food preservation in the fridge.

Cooling Fan

Thanks to the fan in the fridge section of selected Beko fridge freezers, cold air will be circulated in the fridge more evenly, thus ensuring a better cooling performance.

Eco-Fuzzy Function

When the refrigerator doors are not opened for 6 consecutive hours and the setting are not altered, Eco-Fuzzy Function puts the refrigerator in energy-saving mode, decreasing the electricity consumption and causing less hazardous effect on the environment.

Vacation Mode
Brings you extra energy saving option. Only the freezer compartment is in operation therefore energy is saved. The fresh food compartment is held at 15 °C or below to avoid bad smells, which also provides energy saving.

Cooler or freezer with one touch of your finger!

Multi-Zone Compartment

Fresh fruits and vegetables maintain their vitality for a while after harvest.

Do you have a big family? You may change the storage conditions of your refrigerator according to the amount of food and your local favorites.

Beko enables you to maximize your storage capacity according to different needs at different times. By just pressing the button of the electronic touch control digital display, the bottom right 77 liters compartment can be used as either a fridge or a freezer. (Temperature range: -24/+10 °C)

Smart Design for Ease of Use

Self-closing Doors

Thanks to the unique hinge design, doors are automatically closed if left ajar at up to a 15° position.

Dual Action Doors

Doors stay open at a 120° position, the ideal angle for convenient and easy access, whilst also protecting furniture and the appliance doors. A wider position (150° opening) is also possible if desired.

Door Open Buzzer

Beko side-by-side refrigerators have both visual and audible buzzers that get activated if a door is left wide open. In the electronic frost-free models, there is an audible warning.

Sliding Crispers and Drawers

Regardless of the amount of the load, the freezer compartment drawers and crispers can be easily moved by sliding thanks to their roller mechanisms.

Stored Water Dispenser

Thanks to the stored Water Dispenser on selected models, chilled water can be obtained from the integrated Water Dispenser without opening the door. The water reservoir placed inside the door can be easily filled and removed for cleaning. The Water Dispenser is large enough to accommodate tall glasses. Light-touch dispensing paddles push back easily, providing easy access to water.

Tall Dispenser

The Water and Ice Dispenser automatically dispenses filtered chilled water, ice cubes, or crushed ice on tap. The dispenser is large enough to accommodate tall glasses. White LEDs used for illuminating the water and ice dispenser give an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Self Closing Doors

Twist and Serve Ice Cube Tray

Sliding Crispers and Drawers

Tall Dispenser

New Generation Water Filter

Concealed in the refrigerator body, the water filter strains harmful substances such as chlorine, lead, etc. along with undesired flavours, thus converting the water to drinkable standards. A warning on the digital display indicates when it’s time to replace the filter.

XL Freezer Compartment

Extra-large space can be created in the freezer compartment by means of the removable shelf and flaps that can open upwards and downwards. Thus, an appropriate compartment is provided for a particularly large item of food, such as a turkey or large pizza boxes.

Twist & Serve Ice Cube Tray

The ice-cube tray provides easy access to the ice cubes. With a simple twist, ice cubes easily drop into the tray.

Sliding and Spill Proof Glass Shelves

All glass-body shelves in the fridge slide forward for convenient use, meaning that difficult-to-reach items can be accessed easier. Dripping of any spilled liquid onto the lower shelves is prevented thanks to the full plastic trim surrounds that frame all four sides of the toughened safety glass shelves.

Easy Opening Handle

The vacuum effect frequently seen in bigger capacity models is overcome by the “easy handle”. This handle - available on big capacity larder and upright freezer models – provides easy opening without extra effort.

XL Freezer Compartment

Easy Opening Handle

Stored Water Dispenser

Spill Proof Glass Shelves

Smart Design for Functionality

Freezer Guard

With freezer guard technology freezer keeps on working even in low temperature up to (-15 °C) and keeps food frozen.

DeepFresh Compartment

DeepFresh compartment keeps your fruit and vegetables more than two times longer. While it minimizes the temperature variation inside the crisper, it eliminates the humidity loss at the same time.


With the automatic ice machine you just need to fill the tank refrigerator itself makes the ice for 8 times (1.5 kg) of ice


Incorporated in the freezer sections of combi and freezer models, the icebank provides useful space for making and storing ice cubes and freezing small fruits.

Rotating Crisper with Sliding Tray

The rotating crisper grants easy access to food stored in the crisper, even when the space is very limited and the door of the refrigerator cannot be fully opened. The sliding tray provides a secure storage space for delicate items such as parsley, strawberries, etc.

The “Big” Compartment

The “big” compartment in the upright freezer provides you with larger space to keep bigger items. It has around 30% more space than a standard compartment.

Glass Shelves

Made of tempered safety glass, glass shelves are:

  • Versatile enough to permit the maximum usage of the available space.
  • Strong, durable and adjustable.
  • Spill-proof and extremely easy to clean.
  • The shelves can be removed even when the door-opening angle is only 90º, facilitating adjustment in very limited spaces.


    LED Illumination

    Compared to conventional illumination designs, chains of LED lights along the back wall of the fridge compartment provide more efficient and cleaner lighting of the compartment.

    Rotating Box

    Thanks to its cleverly designed mechanism, this storage container helps to utilise the unused space under the door rack in an efficient way. Rotating Box is ideal for storing small items which may get lost in the main compartment; you can locate them easily in the Rotating Store.


    Icefall provides to serve not only chilled water but also ice through the freezer door for side-by-side models. For 4-door models ice machine in a specially sealed compartment located in fresh food section that ice and chilled water can be served from fresh food door.


    TouchLift helps you lift the shelf automatically and place the things which is taller than the space available on the shelf in the refrigerator without any effort. Just push a button.

    Dairy Compartment

    Thanks to its transparent cover, the upper door shelf provides ideal space for preserving dairy products and keeping them from drying.

    Fresh Store

    Stores fresh meat, fish, ready cooked and chilled food at around 0 ºC safer and longer storage.

    Bottle Holder

    The bottle holder hung by the side of the glass shelves is a functional solution that’s designed to make use of the unused space between two shelves.

    Mini Bar

    Even 2.5 liter bottles can be reached without having to open the door thanks to the mini bar lid and extra room on the fridge compartment door. Drinks can also be served on the opened mini bar lid.

    Chrome Bottle Rack

    The chrome bottle rack placed inside the cabinet provides ideal space for storing bottles while maximizing the utilisation of the available space in the refrigerator.

    Soft-Touch Opening

    With smooth, soft-touch opening, the minibar can be accessed without opening the main fridge door, making drinks easily accessible.


    Storing efficiently! Without taking up any more space, VarioStore™ enables you to increase your storage of fresh food and drinks during the summer, then change to greater capacity for frozen food in the winter. Cooling system interchanges in to a freezer or a fresh food compartment in only 60 minutes. Wide range cooling system enables to adjust from fresh food to freezer temperatures or vice versa.