Washing Machines
Distinguished by its functional design and smart features, the Beko washing machine range is designed to meet a multitude of requirements while fitting perfectly into any home and space.

Beko Color Family

Designed to suit any kitchen style with large choice of colors!

Beko washing machines combine smart features and functional designs. These products stand out with their multi-color options while offering numerous smart solutions to improve your everyday life.

Be a part of a green future!

A+++ Energy Efficiency

The need to save energy and resources has never been more important than now. Beko Washing Machines protect the nature with a special emphasis on continuous R&D in order to create sustainable future. Beko with its environmental vision presents washing machines that save 50% more than A+++ energy class.

Cleans more, consumes less!

AquaFusion™ Technology

Smart Beko washing machines help you to save detergent as well as energy and water. In regular washing machines, which do not have a detergent saving system, significant amount of the detergent is lost during washing cycle without being used. Specially developed AquaFusion™ Technology, featured in Beko washing machines, helps you make the most of energy, water and detergent at the same time.

In order to prevent detergent from being lost to drain, AquaFusion™ Technology seals the tub outlet until the inse cycle and makes perfect use of it. As a result, besides providing an efficient cleaning and noticeably cleaner clothes, AquaFusion™ Technology saves 10% of detergent in every wash.

Allergy Free cleaning approved by Allergy UK!

Aquawave™ Technology

Thanks to its new drum, paddle and door design, Aquawave™ Technology of Beko washing machines provide gentle yet effective washing conditions for all garments, making them last longer.

Inspired by nature, Aquawave™ Technology of Beko washing machines simulates the motion of waves and protects your clothes from wearing out. The full interior design of the washing machine is replicating the gentle and also effective power of waves.

Specially designed drum pattern gently carries the laundry away like a wave from the drum. Thus, garments move smoothly around in the drum. Paddles with wave form also contribute in gentle care of your laundry. Finally, the curve on the door glass provides more mixing effect by helping the laundry to move more easily. Thus, the need for energy is reduced.

Allergy Free cleaning approved by Allergy UK!


It is known that 12% of all babies are allergic. The specially developed antiallergic BabyProtect+ program targets to provide antiallergic laundry for your sensitive skin and for your baby. You can get maximum hygienic cleansing results by the help of additional drum movements and sensitive temperature control. Temperature is continously maintained at a certain level throughout the wash cycle.

Additional rinse cycle provides perfect rinsing results which is very important for you and for your baby. This program is designed for allergens which can be found in daily life that are house dust mites, dog and cat allergens, pollens, live mites, bacterias and fungus. Moreover this program is also capable of removing all sorts of hair as well. 99,9% hygienic and antiallergic BabyProtect+ program tested by Allergy UK. Perfect for babies suffering from allergy.

Technology Solutions for Laundry Care

Less noise, more comfort!

Silent Tech

Feel the design superiority and the comfort of silence with Beko silent tech technology. The specially developed silent tech side wall design reduces the vibration. Together with special programme, motor and additional insulation the ultra silent washing technology can be your next choice.

Beko washing machines will bring peace to your home with 65 dBA operating noise level which is almost 7 times* quieter than regular washing machines.

*This comparison is done according to Beko WMD78120 washing machine.

Expand your washing machine lifetime

Brushless Motor Technology

Beko 8 kg washing machine range features brushless motor technology.
Brushless motor offers the following advantages:
• Extended motor life
• Increased mechanical action ratio
• Better torque and speed characteristics
• Uniquely patented unbalanced load detection

Extended life up to 100 times

+Hi-tech Heater

The Heating Element is an essential component of a washing machine. The new Beko heating element incorporates a state-of-the-art nickel metal surface coating technology resulting in 50% less surface roughness, ensures perfect corrosion protection, and reduces lime-scale accumulation by 40%. The Hi–tech Heater has an extended life of up to 100 times more than a standard heating element.

This means you’re very unlikely to experience heating element failure in your washing machine’s lifetime.

40% less lime scale piling up on the heater also means the elimination of energy and time lost due to a thick layer of lime scale build up. Well-funcioning heater means more energy saving as 75% energy consumption is generally seen during the heating process.

Aqua 40’40° Program

Aqua 40’40° program is a quick and effective wash cycle that offers you to clean your lightly soiled cottons gently at 40°C in just 40 minutes.

Fashion Care

Designed for delicate and fashionable clothing items made of materials like viscose and rayon. This program features extra gentle agitation so you can wash your clothes confidently without worry of damage.


The combined intensive wash and rinse cycles on this program ensures excellent results. It’s especially designed for garments that require special care, such as baby clothing or garments for the people who have allergies or sensitive skin.

Dark Care

It’s time to quit worrying about dark colors in your washing machine. Beko has a special program for dark-colored synthetic or cotton-based laundry that’s suitable for dark clothes or colorful garments that may fade. The program washes at low temperatures and on low spin speed with slow mechanical movements, while taking more water on the rinse cycle. The Dark Care program washes a half-capacity load at 30-40 ºC. Liquid detergent or wool shampoo is recommended for dark laundry.


This program enables you to safely wash delicate hand-wash fabrics such as silk and cashmere. It creates a particularly gentle wash action, so the agitation is minimized to avoid shrinkage.

The program also uses less water, thus preventing excess absorption by the fibres on fabric. Which can often result in clothes stretching or becoming misshapen.

Woll Program

Wool program washes delicate woollens even more gently than you can by hand. This special washing cycle with its smart control will ensure that woolen garments are washed without damage. Moreover, by adjusting the optimum water level fibres will not absorb too much and become misshapen and stretched.

Duvet Program

Dust mites love to breed in the bed, living in mattresses, pillows and duvets. The average bed can easily have over 10,000 dust mites living in it, collectively depositing over two million droppings - a primary cause of asthma and allergies.* Allergies are becoming one of the top health concerns in households. That’s why Beko 8 and 9 kg washing machines feature a special wash program to take care of this problem. The program removes dust mites by thoroughly permeating right through the bedding. The extra-large 8 and 9 kg capacity drum size and special wash program will effectively and thoroughly wash even a king-sized duvet.

*Source: British Allergy Foundation report

Self Clean Program

This special cycle provides better machine hygiene by heating the water up to 70 ºC. During the Self Clean program, drum and tub receive the necessary cleaning automatically. This special cycle program cleans the tub while it is empty to ensure that residues do not accumulate in the tub after the wash.

For time saving

Daily Xpress

At Beko, we know how important your time is and we do our best to provide the most efficient products possible. The Daily Xpress program has been designed to wash slightly soiled, unstained cotton garments quickly, especially items that have been used only once, like bathrobes, duvet covers, sport wear, daily clothes, etc. Full capacity laundry can be washed 30 ºC in just 39 minutes. The program also allows washing in all temperatures between 0-90 ºC

Xpress Super Short

This program is suitable for slightly soiled, unstained and small amounts of laundry, such as socks, towels, bed sheets and t-shirts that have been used only once. Xpress Super Short washes a 2 kg capacity load at 0-30 ºC in just 14 minutes.

Freshen Up Program

This rapid 17 minute program is useful for clothes that are not dirty, but just need freshening up or to remove unwanted odours.

Mini 30 Program

This special program is designed for lightly soiled garments that require refreshing. After a day at work or a night out, you can revive and perfume your clothes in just 30 minutes at 30 ºC, thus saving considerable time and energy.

For daily needs

Mix 40

Designed to wash synthetic and cotton garments together in one wash load, this program can wash a mixed load of cotton and synthetic laundry in one go.

Shirt Program

Beko has developed a special program in order to lenghten the lives of our shirts . This special program has less mechanical movements and the temperature is set maximum at 40 ºC to ensure that it minimizes the damage to your shirts and they last much longer than they usually would.

Sports Program

Beko developed the sports program for those who love sports and training. This program washes at 40 °C, and is particularly recommended for lightly soiled synthetic/cotton blended gym clothes.

Eco Clean 20 ºC Program

An ecological program which saves up to 80% energy comparing with cotton 40 ºC program. This super efficient program washes a maximum of 3.5 kg lightly soiled laundry, by using suitable detergents which perform well at 20 ºC wash temperatures saving time and money.

Other Options


Beko offers a wide range of programs which can be used for every need. While your laundry are heavily soiled Beko pre-wash option can be used in conjunction with the washing programs to get more satisfactory results.


With the help of the Express option the wash time can be reduced by 30% to 50% depending on the program and fabric type. This option can be used on all cotton and synthetic programs.

Rinse Plus

Some clothes require more care than the others. Extra rinsing is provided for garments that require special attention, i.e. baby clothing or garments worn by people that are allergic to detergents. This function will protect sensitive skins by washing off any leftover detergent.

Easy Ironing

The spin cycle is divided into several spin stages and drum movements that leave the laundry lying loosely in the drum. This special action protects the laundry from creasing and makes ironing simpler and less time consuming.

For pet lovers


The LCD display on Beko washing machines gives you all the information you need on your wash program, including:

  • Selected temperature
  • Selected spin speed
  • Selected options
  • The current stage which the wash cycle is in (i.e. pre-wash, main-wash, rinsing, softener or spinning)
  • Whether the child lock option is activated
  • The time remaining until the end of the wash
  • Economy setting, to let you know whether your program selection is an economic one in terms of energy consumption. With its simple and easy-to-use navigation buttons, you can easily customize your wash program by adjusting the temperature and spin speed, and also delay the start of the program up to 24 hours with precise intervals of as little as 30 minutes.


    Pet Hair Removal Function

    Beko has developed a smart solution for pet lovers with a function that removes pet hair on laundry during the wash cycle. When this function is selected, your machine adds pre-wash and additional rinsing steps to the normal cycle.

    Thanks to this smart solution by Beko, pet hair is removed from your laundry in an effective way, solving one of the main problems of all pet lovers.

    Extra Large Door

    Selected Beko washing machines feature an extra-large 34 cm porthole. Even the bulkiest laundry - duvets, sheets, bathrobes - can be easily loaded through the extra large porthole.

    Liquid Detergent Compartment

    Selected Beko washing machines feature an extra-large 34 cm porthole. Even the bulkiest laundry - duvets, sheets, bathrobes - can be easily loaded through the extra large porthole.


    Maximum Capacity in Minimum Space

    Beko has developed a number of models to meet your specific needs, solving both space and energy consumption solutions. Many households are caught in the dilemma of having limited space despite their necessity for a large capacity washing machine so as to be able to wash duvet covers and big laundry loads. That’s why Beko has developed a range of washing machines that offer maximum capacity in minimum space. In Beko washing machine range, a machine with just 45 cm depth can wash a 6 kg load of laundry; a machine with 50 cm depth can wash 7 kg load; a machine with 54 cm depth can wash 8 kg load; and a machine with standard 60 cm depth can wash 9 kg load of laundry.

    9 kg Washing Capacity in Standard Dimension

    Thanks to the 48 cm wide large drum diameter, you can wash 4 double bed linen set or 12 towels in one wash cycle. That’s why it’s ideal for large families who frequently wash large loads and bulky items. Moreover, it has an extremely popular Daily Xpress Program; it will handle the washing of 9 kg load in just 39 minutes. You’ll end up saving even more time and energy

    Performance & Safety

    Electronic Unbalanced Load Control

    This system ensures that laundry is properly distributed around the drum, eliminating the vibration and noise created by imbalance, and providing absolute stability during spinning. In the event of improperly distributed loads, the machine automatically adjusts the spin speed for optimum spinning efficiency.


    Beko developed special auto-restart feature allows the washing machine to continue the program in safe conditions after the electricity cut-offs that gives comfort in some areas where electricity network has problems.

    Child Lock

    The child lock option can be activated to prevent little fingers from tampering with the buttons. Activating the child lock option prevents any change made to the selected program.

    Overflow Safety

    The water level sensor measures any variation from the correct water level in the drum and automatically starts draining when this level is exceeded.

    Washer Dryer

    Direct Air Technology

    Unique energy and water consumption in its class.
    Beko washer dryers with Direct Air Technology provide A class drying performance with no water consumption. Standard tumble dryers use water in order to condense the steam inside the unit. This process causes loss of heat and energy along with the use of a great deal of water in every cycle.

    Direct Air Technology prevents inefficient use of energy by taking the air directly through the front panel over the condenser. Thus, the air is automatically heated while it’s being vacuumed. So no water consumption is needed during condensation.


    From wash to wear in less than an hour.
    No matter if you are in a hurry for a date or an unscheduled business meeting, there are times that you need your favourite clothes neat and clean. AquaDry™ Technology of Beko gets your clothes in your laundry basket ready-to-wear in less than an hour.* AquaDry™ combines a 14-minute wash** and a 40-minute dry cycles in a single machine. Thus, you save a great deal of time, energy and water at the same time.

    Hanging your clothes out causes them to easily fade out and harden due to the direct sunlight and wind exposure. Thanks to Beko washer dryers with AquaDry™ Technology, your clothes keep their colours and softness for a longer period. Moreover, you save space in your laundry by using a single machine for washing and drying.

    *Approved by VDE for washing and drying in an hour.
    **Approved by LGA for 14 minutes washing results.

    AquaDry with BabyProtect+™

    Allergy-free washing and drying in a single machine.

    Neat and clean clothes, even if they are freshly washed, don’t mean that they are cleared off their allergens. Standard wash and dry cycles usually do not remove the allergens that we are exposed to in our everyday lives. Beko washer dryers combined perfect washing and drying results, offering anti-allergic cleaning. Beko AquaDry with BabyProtect+™ Technology provides allergy-free cleaning so that you don’t have to worry about house dust mites, dog and cat allergens, pollens, live mites, bacteria or fungus anymore.

    Aiming to provide best anti-allergic laundry for your and your baby’s sensitive skin, Beko reaches maximum hygienic results by the help of additional drum movements and sensitive temperature control. Temperature is continuously maintained at a certain level throughout the wash and dry cycles. Finally, additional rinse cycle and anti-allergic dryer filtration contemplates allergy-free laundry results of Beko washer dryers. 99.9% hygienic and anti-allergic results of AquaDry with BabyProtect+™ program is tested and approved by Allergy UK.